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cross cultural consulting

Hawaii Premier Connection, Inc. (HPC) is committed to meet the requirements of any given assignment.  We are confident that one or more of our services can prove invaluable in assisting our clients to appraise and analyze the issues and making rewarding business decisions.

HPC brings to its clients the unique combination of senior level experience in understanding the delicate nature of conducting business with Pacific Rim nations. We are fully accustomed to both the western and eastern perspectives in the business arena.  Our consultants have extensive experience in wide range of industries.

Consulting services provided by Hawaii Premier Connection, Inc.:

  • Entry strategy formulation
  • Market/Industry research
  • Feasibility study
  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategy audits and evaluations of strategic alternatives
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Assistance in strategy implementation
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint venture and alliance consulting
  • Franchise arrangements
  • Gathering information regarding specific companies
  • Incorporate entities, directing and managing entities
  • Investment study and financial analysis
  • Advice on Asian and US management practices
  • Real estate brokerage, consulting and development
  • Visitor industry/tourism related consulting
  • Import/export consulting
  • HR consulting (Hiring and training)
  • PR consulting (Sales promotion, advertising and marketing)
  • Immigration and visa consulting
  • Assistance in starting up businesses
  • Due diligence
  • Other researches and projects as requested

We understand that the needs of clients vary thus we take a case-by-case approach in dealing with each client.

consulting services

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Email: info@hipremier.com

origin of company name

Founder of Hawaii Premier Connection, Inc. (HPC) has been in the United States for over 45 years.  Our firm takes pride in fully utilizing our unique know-how, experience and relationships to provide quality services to assist meeting our clients’ needs.

Our consultants, staff, products and services are your premier connection to Hawaii.

premier (pri-'mir, -'myir, -'mE-&r) adj. 1 : first in position, rank, or importance.
2 : first in time  

connection (k&-'nek-sh&n)  n.  1  :   the act of connecting; the state of being connected.  2  :  one that connects; a link.  3  :  a political, social, professional or commercial relationship

When companies expand and enter a foreign market, cross-cultural elements may affect different aspects in conducting business. Hawaii Premier Connection provides its clients with customized solutions to overcome such challenges.

Each country’s market is unique and has its own cultural and business protocol.  In order to be successful in a foreign market, careful planning and strategic approach are necessary. We assist our clients in developing and implementing business strategy in entering and conducting business in a foreign country.  We specialize in offering consulting services to Asian individuals and companies entering the US marketplace as well as to companies from the United States considering doing business in Asia.

We offer the following services.

-Business Plan

  • Entry strategy formulation
  • Develop strategies for profit maximization
  • Develop strategies to minimize risks
  • Identify, screen and recommend partners as required

-Management Support

  • Assistance in managing international business operations
  • Enhance effective communication and relationships with clients and government agencies
  • Provide solutions to problems that may arise in conducting business in a foreign country
  • Bridge differences in business protocol and cultural practices

​We provide innovative and practical solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our consultants have experience in working across the border and delivering results.